When designing a new piece of furniture I conceptualise the object in my mind. I then deconstruct it into the many components and their individual roles that work together to form this object.

The research and development process that takes place at this point is an exciting task, and one that sometimes presents almost impossible challenges. It is the refined outcome that I seek!

I desire an aesthetic solution that presents the most appropriate celebration of the chosen materials. There is a skill and an understanding that it is required in order to provide function within form. Too easy it is to get it wrong.

I look for assistance in deriving these outcomes with tools like the golden ratio and a strong adherence to principles of three dimensional designs and embellishing the negative space.

As a furniture designer I am passionate about the impact of my practice and nature is a truly integral feature of what I do. I therefore conduct my practice in a fashion that is deliberate and considered. I strive to create items of furniture that deliver pleasure and purpose to their recipient.

My design practice emphasises the integrity of a discerning craftsman and adopts a commitment to preserving the sensibility of my craft, connecting to future generations. I look to the environment around me for inspiration, observing forms and ideas within the naturally occurring and built environment that I can morph into new concepts. I witness the way we go about our business, inhabiting our environments, relating to hand made furniture, and appreciating its origins.

My task gives me immense satisfaction!

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5 November

Queens Theatre, Playhouse Lane 9am - 5pm

Bowerbird Bazaar

The May Bowerbird Bazzar was an excellent way to meet the locals, and the fellow traders from around the country. Much anticipation for the October event 28 - 30th at Queen's Theatre, Adelaide. Looking forward to catching up with all of the traders!


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